We set great store in helping you keep your teeth and implants forever. In order to achieve this, in addition to good oral hygiene at home, it is absolutely necessary to have your teeth – and in some cases gums too (see Periodontology) professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Professionals especially trained for the job clean, polish and care for your teeth. Gentle, experienced hands and the most modern techniques provide a pleasant experience in addition to the actual medical treatment.

After an initial thorough examination and analysis of your current level of hygiene, all teeth are freed of both hard and soft bacterial coating, discolouration and any traces of nicotine, tea, coffee etc. The polish that follows, using specially selected polishing pastes, produces a pleasant smooth feeling in the mouth and reduces further build-up of plaque (bacterial film) on the teeth, which can often be the cause of bad breath. Periodontal pockets (the spaces between gums and teeth) are also thoroughly and painlessly cleaned and treated with tincture if necessary.

To finish, the enamel is hardened using either fluoride gel, varnish or paste depending on individual requirement. Advice on suitable tools and how to optimize your oral care at home completes your 60-90 minute dental cleaning appointment. We offer active support – in word and deed – in keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful, whenever possible a lifetime long. Because prevention is better than cure!