It is not only the teeth that deserve dentists’ attention – the so-called Periodontium, the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, is also especially important. An inflammation of these tissues, caused by bacterial infection, is called periodontitus.

If left untreated, in the mid or long-term this condition leads to a reduction in supporting tissues and in the jaw bone, with gum regression and the resulting loosening of the teeth leading eventually to their loss. Periodontology concentrates on the prevention and treatment of diseases of these tissues.

Studies show that 70% of adults in Germany suffer from various forms of periodontitus – and this figure is climbing. The causes and risks are many and varied and are in some cases a major source of biological stress for the body.

In most cases, the disease’s progress can be halted. A customized therapy plan can be developed following an individual analysis of the condition and the types of bacteria present. Using modern cleaning techniques and the most up-to-date expert knowledge (achieved with continual further education), the bacterial microfilm can be effectively, yet gently and painlessly destroyed. The therapy is backed up with medication if necessary. Regular checkups are a good idea to ensure lasting results.